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Destination Photographer | Juneau, Alaska | Journey to the West | Part One

I just turned 30 in March, I moved back into my parents house and I needed to escape from real life for a bit.

Juneau, Alaska was my destination.

This was the first time that I have ever traveled by myself long distance and was both thrilled and a bit scared to be honest. Will my luggage automatically go from this plane to my connecting plane in Seattle? What if I get on the wrong plane or miss my flight? This is just a bit of my inner dialogue during the duration of the trip. Haha.

I got to the airport with my dad as the sun was rising. Said my goodbyes and headed off into the unknown.


So why Juneau, Alaska? My best friend of 16+ years Megan (a.k.a M-Pac) has been living in this town with her husband Pete and her two amazing children Liam and Finley. {You will see her family in the next post}.

Right now I needed to be with my best friend, go on some adventures and live my life! 30 is a whole new beginning and I was excited to start!


I loaded up on coffee, music and taking everything in. Unbelievably excited to go to the West Coast for the first time!


While flying over our great country I just found myself in awe. I have lived on the East Coast all my life. I just sat back and realized how small I am in the scale of life. There are billions of people in the world! It was just one of those wow moments.

I decided then that all I want to do is travel and take photos. There is nothing tying me down right now. I felt very free.


I started to see the snow topped mountains and my heart was racing. I’m really doing this. I am traveling across the country {alone}. I feel like I grew up in those 6-7 hours of the flight. Thinking about my life, thinking about my future and what I need to do. It’s very therapeutic doing things on your own, feeling very independent.


They announced that we were getting ready to land. I looked out the window and asked to myself, Where? All I saw were these amazing mountains! Where are all the houses and signs of civilization? Is this going to turn into an episode of Lost? Haha.


And here we are! Arriving in Juneau! I couldn’t sit still. I was so excited to get off the plane and have an experience of a lifetime!


As soon as Megan and I saw each other we hugged and started crying hysterically. It’s been years since we saw each other. I was just so happy to be with her and her family for the next 10 days. Now it’s time to see what this place is all about! And I definitely did not go straight to bed when I got there!

Stay posted for Part Two of my adventures!

{Photos taken with Android phone - no filters}

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