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Family Portrait Session | Baby Elena | Middletown, NJ | Deep Cut Gardens | Jersey Shore Photographer

I LOVE this family! I used to drive Dawn to school and we were in color guard together. We reconnected when she was pregnant with her first daughter Annalise. Ever since then I have been photographing her family and watching it grow. Now she is a mother of two beautiful girls. It’s amazing to see her be a mom. If I end up being just 1/2 the mom she is, I would be happy. She truly is someone I look up to.

This photo session was taken only a few days after this family got the news that their youngest daughter has cancer.

‘Elena Michelle is a beautiful 19 month old who has recently been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a rare form of cancer that affects soft connective tissues in the body. Elena is a bright and energetic toddler.  She loves bananas, her big sister, and Finding Nemo!  She is a sweet and loving girl, but will be sure to tell you what she wants and when she wants it.  Elena is fiery and tenacious, and with your help she will fight this battle with the ferocity of her temper tantrums!’ #HopeforBabyElena

Elena is just like her mother – strong and ready to kick cancer’s ass! She will beat this! Please take the time to go to the link above and donate. Even the smallest amount helps. Below are some of my favorite photos from our session.

I absolutely ADORE this photo.Kim is the girl’s babysitter and close friend to Dawn. She is amazing with the girls and an amazing person as well.Elena was looking out the window at home looking for the bunny. These are some of my favorite photos I have ever takenElena was singing “Let It Go” from frozen. You can see the joy in her face. I love this little girl!One of my favorite photos of the girls. Just sisters being together. They love each other so much!

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